Course Description

Introducing The 5% Academy: Accelerate Your Career Growth and Join the Elite

The 5% Academy offers a transformative program designed for ambitious professionals striving to reach the top 5% within their companies. This comprehensive program focuses on personal and professional development, equipping participants with the mindset, systems, and actionable steps necessary to achieve higher income, greater impact, and professional fulfillment.

Language: English

Location: Online via Zoom. Once you enroll, you will receive an invitation to join the training sessions via Zoom prior to the training date.

Duration: Consisting of 6 modules, the program's duration can be adapted to suit your schedule.

The training sessions will be conducted in multiple 1.30'-hour sessions. Please refer to the timetable provided, which is subject to change.

Time table

Every Thursday, as of 17th of August 2023, from  7-8.30 PM

Trainer: Tiffany Cheng

Tiffany Cheng is a highly regarded career and leadership coach who is dedicated to helping expatriates achieve higher positions, make a greater impact, and increase their income. Prior to her coaching career, Tiffany held prestigious positions as Vice President of Communication at both the Volvo Group and the Atlas Copco Group. Throughout her 16-year corporate journey, she provided counsel to nine global and regional Presidents and coached nearly 100 senior leaders, gaining a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and leadership development. Starting as an English teacher in Shanghai, Tiffany achieved an extraordinary milestone at the age of 36 by becoming Vice President of a 41 billion Euro company, where she oversaw a massive workforce of 100,000 employees. She is also recognized as a guest speaker on Communication and Influence at esteemed institutions such as Cambridge University and UCLouvain. With extensive corporate experience, a global business perspective, and a strong commitment to fostering personal development, Tiffany Cheng empowers individuals to realize their full potential, redefine their identity, and thrive in their professional lives.

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