Course Description


This focused training is designed for aspiring finance professionals, particularly those targeting roles in banks and other financial institutions. It centers on essential IT systems and tools, including specialized software like Dow Jones, World-Check, and advanced Excel and MS Office applications. The curriculum is tailored to equip participants with practical skills in AML/KYC, compliance, and risk management technologies.


1. Introduce key financial IT systems and compliance tools.

2. Provide hands-on experience with Dow Jones, World-Check, and similar platforms.

3. Enhance Excel and MS Office proficiency for financial tasks.

4. Prepare participants for technology-driven roles in the finance sector.

Content Highlights:

- **Financial IT Systems Overview**: Infrastructure and tools for finance professionals, with an emphasis on AML/KYC and compliance.

- **Screening Tools Deep Dive**: Practical training on using Dow Jones, World-Check for compliance processes.

- **Excel & MS Office in Finance**: Advanced functionalities for data analysis, reporting, and financial modeling.

- **Tech for Compliance and Risk Management**: Software applications for compliance reporting and risk assessments.


Interactive lectures and practical workshops allow participants to engage with and apply their learning on real-world financial tasks.

Target Audience:

Individuals aiming for careers in the financial sector, with a focus on roles requiring knowledge of AML/KYC, compliance, and risk management technologies.


Each session lasts 2 hours, structured to provide an intensive learning experience within a concise timeframe.

Completion Certificate:

Participants will receive a certificate, validating their skills in financial IT systems and tools, readying them for careers in the finance sector.

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