Course Description

Improve your English for the workplace and learn about business topics to help you work more 
effectively and make the most of career opportunities. Business English communication skills are 
essential for getting ahead at work. Improving your professional business vocabulary and 
knowledge will help you work more effectively and open new career opportunities. This 
comprehensive program focuses on the development of industry-centric vocabulary build-up, 
equipping participants with the ability to improve their professional communication skills to be 
able to focus on critical thinking, problem solving, presentation skills, efficient collaboration at 
their work environment. With immediate, personalised feedback to fast-track participants’ 
communication effectiveness in all key disciplines - reading, writing, and oral expressions. 
Language: Course primarily delivered in English by native certified language trainer to ensure full immersion and 
pick-up rate of English language proficiency.
Location: Online via Zoom. Once registered, you will receive an invitation to attend the training via Zoom prior to 
the scheduled date(s).
Duration: The course consists of 8 modules; the program's duration can be adapted to suit students’ schedule. The 
training sessions will be conducted in multiple 1.00'-hour sessions. Please refer to the timetable provided, which is 
subject to change.
Timetable: Modules are organised by semesters, Winter semester will run from Mid-October to mid-December 
2023, Spring Semester will run from February to March 2024. (dates to be precise yet)

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