Course Description

Upon concluding the training, participants will acquire an in-depth understanding of the theoretical framework underlying AML/KYC and compliance. This will encompass core concepts such as client identification, risk assessment, the nuances of due diligence, and specific KYC prerequisites

Languages: English & French

Location: Online through Zoom. Once registered, you will receive an invitation to attend the training via Zoom prior to the scheduled date.

Duration: 3 months, from 13th September 2023 to 9th December 2023

The training is organized into multiple one-hour sessions; please consult the schedule for details. Note that the timetable is subject to modifications. 

Important: For optimal effectiveness, this course should be pursued in conjunction with the AML/KYC/Compliance Practical Framework.

Trainer : Karel Šlajs 

Karel Šlajs is a seasoned compliance and corporate governance expert based in Luxembourg. Currently the Operational Compliance Director at Quintet Private Bank, he has held pivotal roles at EY Luxembourg, Grant Thornton, and served as an independent consultant specializing in risk management, data protection, and internal audits.

Karel has made significant contributions in developing audit methodologies, GDPR regulation, driven AML/CFT projects, and trained asset managers through ICFA. At EY, he honed expertise in regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, and MAR. At Grant Thornton, he led Enterprise Risk Services.

Active on LinkedIn with over 500 professional connections, Karel generously shares his auditing and compliance expertise. He's also a member of esteemed groups like Luxembourg's Fund Industry Group by ALFI, bolstering his influential presence in Luxembourg.

Holding qualifications like FCCA, CIA, CRMA, and SIRM, he's acknowledged for his mastery in compliance matters. Karel is committed to providing training in AML/KYC/Compliance, theoretical framework at Cleartrust Consulting (CTC).

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