Course Description


Upon concluding this three-month comprehensive training, attendees will be fully versed in the practical framework of AML/KYC/Compliance, specifically tailored to the nuances of the financial sector, including banks and other financial institutions. This intensive module will simulate    the operational environment, positioning participants in line with the duties of an AML/KYC officer or compliance analyst. Through detailed,      practical exercises, attendees will dissect and engage with intricate case studies, refining capabilities in KYC validation, systematic plausibility evaluations, high-risk identification, and the meticulous application of customer due diligence standards.

Languages: English and French

Location: Online via Zoom. After inscription you will receive invitation to join the training via Zoom before the date of training.

Duration: 3 months

The training is organized into multiple one-hour sessions; please consult the schedule for details. Note that the timetable is subject to modifications.

Important: For optimal effectiveness, this course should be pursued in conjunction with the AML/KYC/Compliance theoretical framework.

Trainer 1 (English) : Smahane El Yacoubi: 

Professional Summary :
Education: LLM in Banking and Financial Law from Boston University (2013). 

Legal Admissions: Barreau de Paris and New York State Bar.

Professional Role: Compliance Manager at a global bank, focusing on regulatory compliance, program management, and risk mitigation. 

Additional Role (Since 2024): Professional Trainer at CTC, specializing in AML/KYC/Compliance (Practical Framework). 

Smahane El Yacoubi combines her legal expertise and professional experience to enhance compliance practices within the financial sector and contribute to the development of future professionals through specialized training.

Trainer 2 (French) : Marylin Marchall : 
Marylin Marchal, reconnue pour son expertise en compliance, notamment en AML, FT et réglementation, a forgé une carrière riche dans le secteur financier, concentrée sur le conseil et la formation. Depuis 2013, elle a été consultante et formatrice chez IntellEval à Monaco, apportant son expertise sur des sujets essentiels tels que la lutte contre le blanchiment et la corruption. Avant cela, elle a travaillé chez Getad SAM et HSBC Private Bank à Monaco, se spécialisant en due diligence et en conformité.

Récemment, Marylin a intégré CTC pour offrir des formations pratiques en AML/KYC/Compliance, profitant de sa vaste expérience et de ses compétences diversifiées. Ces formations sont proposées en français, ciblant l'amélioration des pratiques de compliance dans le secteur.

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